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Rittal Toptherm Chillers The New Generation

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Rittal Toptherm Chillers The New Generation

Rittal Toptherm Chillers The New Generation

Rittal - TopTherm Chillers – the new generation

Rittal TopTherm chillers feature the latest internal technology to deliver better performance to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

These chillers benefit from the latest advances in thermodynamic efficiency, most readily apparent in the repositioning of the unit’s condenser fan. Based on proven Rittal modular designs, these chillers can be customized to fit your specific requirements – and provide cooling capacity from 30,000 to 150,000 BTU.

These models provide high efficiency and a level of cooling you’ve come to expect from Rittal on a footprint that is only 24 inches deep.

Available options to customize your application:

  • Hot gas bypass control in the cooling circuit

  • More powerful pump(s)

  • Water level switch

  • Circuit free from non-ferrous metals

  • Flow monitor

  • Stainless steel enclosures

  • Water-cooled condenser

  • Ambient temperature control

  • Automatic bypass (internal or external)

  • Harting connector

  • 24 V DC control voltage

  • UL electrical components

  • Special spray finish—custom RAL colors

  • Ability to be used outdoors

  • Metal filter mat


  • Modular design

  • Small footprint

  • Convenient servicing

  • High reliability thanks to icing protection

  • Dual frequencies for international compatibility

  • Base platform readily available from stock

Temperature control:

  • Microcontroller control (factory setting +18°C, differential value control also possible)


  • RAL 7035

Protection category IP to IEC 60 529:

  • IP 44 (electrics)

Supply includes:

  • Complete unit with side panels and door ready for connection

  • Multilingual documentation including functional diagram and wiring plans


  • For 3335.880 and 3335.890, two metal filters are required

Characteristic curves of pump:

  • Available on the Internet


  • Available on the Internet

Technical details:

  • Available on the Internet