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Siemens Motor Starter Protectors

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Siemens Motor Starter Protectors

Siemens Motor Starter Protectors

SIRIUS 3RV2 Motor Starter Protectors

SIRIUS 3RV21 Motor Starter Protectors can be easily and flexibly combined with other SIRIUS devices to reduce space requirements and wiring costs. The 3RV21 Motor Starter Protectors ensure short-circuit and overload protection, switching, and offer particularly efficient operation and are suitable for multiple applications areas where automatic reset is needed.

Functions and Applications - SIRIUS 3RV2 Motor Starter Protectors (MSP):
* Short-circuit protection: The short-circuit release disconnects the faulty feeder circuit from the mains within a few milliseconds in the event of a short circuit (current >13X rated current). This ensures the prevention of major damage (risk of fire!).
* Overload protection: The overload release disconnects the load from the mains if it is loaded with an overcurrent over a specific period. Release is effected in accordance with a specific current time characteristic curve. This ensures the prevention of damage to the load and system. The overload release also trips in case of phase failure or extreme phase asymmetry.
* Switching: The MSP is equipped with a lockable operating mechanism for manual switch-on / switch off (e.g. for repair purposes).

Advantages Compared to Legacy 3RV1:
* Performance increase (S00 up to 16 A, S0 up to 40 A -30HP)
* All MSP now with rotary operating mechanism
* 10 – 20% reduced power loss compared to 3RV1, resulting in lower surface temperature
* Spring-loaded and ring terminal connection systems up to 32 A
* Plug-in link modules with spring-loaded connection system
* Easy assembly of motor starters, thanks to plug-in main circuit wiring (for devices with spring-loaded connection)
* Comprehensive and uniform accessories for S00 and S0: - Disconnecting module for size S00 - Signaling switch, shunt release, undervoltage release with / without leading auxiliary contacts with spring-loaded and ring cable lug connection

Functional Principle –SIRIUS 3RV21 MSP:
SIRIUS 3RV21 Motor Starter Protectors with overload relay function
* Available in sizes S00 and S0 from 0.11 - 32 A
* The MSP does not disconnect in case of overload
* Overload is signaled via side-mounted auxiliary contacts 1NO+1NC
* The motor starter has to be disconnected via a downstream contactor
* Automatic reset (reset of auxiliary contacts)

Automatic / remote reset with SIRIUS 3RV Motor Starter Protectors:
* Automatic reset only via SIRIUS 3RV21 MSP
* Elimination of an overload relay
* SIRIUS 3RV21 MSP with overload relay function (1 device)
* Attractive price compared to conventional solutions (approx. 5-10% lower)
* Fewer devices and reduced wiring
* More space in the control cabinet
* Reduced power loss in the control cabinet as one thermal overload relay per starter can be eliminated

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