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Rittal Enclosure Heaters

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Rittal Enclosure Heaters

Rittal Enclosure Heaters

Rittal Enclosure Heaters

Condensation represents a serious risk for control electronics, both in outdoor and indoor locations. Rittal’s enclosure heaters are designed to regulate the internal conditions of an enclosure. Advanced PTC technology allows the heater to self-regulate its operation – only using energy when required. The energy-efficient PTC technology and design optimization maximizes the latest in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to permit improved heating outputs. New features like double quick-connection terminals and a quick-assembly system save time and unnecessary costs.

Without fans there’s continual thermal output of 10 to 150 watts available in 7 units from the smallest 8-10W heater to the largest 130-150W model. Various output ratings ensure that the correct thermal output is always available. Heaters with build-in fans are capable of generating thermal output of 250W, 400W and 800W from three models. For precise temperature control, all the units can be fitted with an optional thermostat, temperature indicator/ controller and a hygrostat to monitor humidity levels.

* Available with or without internal fans
* Optional thermostat, temperature indicator/controller and
* hygrostat available on all models
* Quick-connection terminals
* New quick-assembly designs
* Thermal capacities from 10 to 150 watts in seven models without fans
* Three models with built-in fans generate 250W, 400W or 800W thermal capacity
* Models without fans operate at 110-240 volts – 50/60 Hz
* Models with fans operate at 110/230 volts – 50/60 Hz
* Special voltage are available

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