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Sick I D M140 Blue Tooth

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Sick I D M140 Blue Tooth

Sick I D M140 Blue Tooth

With the IDM140-2 Bluetooth, Sick is offering new hand-held barcode scanners for maximum flexibility and mobility.

Features of the hand-held bar code scanners include:

The barcode scanners achieve read ranges of up to 600 mm and reads bar codes up to a module resolution of 0.076 mm
There is also a variant for reading PDF417 and other stacked codes
The IDM140-2 Bluetooth hand- held bar code scanners' radio variant is also easily parameterised by reading configuration codes, or with the intuitive “IDM Setup Tool” configuration software
Those working with the IDM140-2 Bluetooth hand- held barcode scanners can exploit the long radio range between the basis station and the scanner itself
Codes can be identified at distances of up to 30 m without any cables
When out of range, up to 5,000 EAN-13 codes can be temporarily stored on the hand- held bar code scanners
Up to seven radio scanners can be operated simultaneously from a single basis station
As an alternative to the basis station, the radio scanner can also communicate directly with other Bluetooth devices (e.g. a USB Bluetooth dongle)

With its high scanning rate of 500 scans / second, as well as its robust and user-friendly design, the IDM140-2 Bluetooth hand- held radio barcode scanners represent an ideal solution for many bar code applications in the areas of office or factory automation, as well as in warehousing and logistics.