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Collaborative Robots

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Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots are featured in this tech update news clip:

...Breaking news on Co-Bots
There is a lot of buzz around the new generation of collaborative robots, or co-bots as some are calling. Marketing powerhouse ReThink has blazed onto the scene with Baxter, however as witnessed at the Automate show this week, the product may not be ready for integration into the industrial market. Universal Robots on the other hand has an installed base of co-bots in 40 countries and just launched their 2-arm solution in the US. "Universal Robots makes robotic arms that are "better than Baxter," in the view of Frank Tobe, publisher of The Robot Report".

The Danish-designed robots automate production in all industries – even in SMEs that regard automation as prohibitively expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to integrate. The robot arms require no safety shielding, can work alongside personnel, and are easily moved around the production site to complete even the most detailed tasks. Programming is intuitive, eliminating the need for skilled programmers; simply grab the robot arm to show it the desired movement, or use the simple touch screen.

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