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Leuze - Pizzato Ns Series

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Leuze - Pizzato Ns Series

Leuze - Pizzato Ns Series

Safety comes first with the new Pizzato NS Series!

Pizzato Elettrica presents the new NS series safety switches with solenoid and RFID technology

The new NS series combines all the knowledge and innovations developed by Pizzato Elettrica for more than thirty years of experience in industrial safety. It is today's spearhead of this field. The NS series switches have a technopolymer body and are suitable for medium/light applications.

The main features of the new NS series:

• Contactless activation by means of the RFID technology.
• Maximum safety with one device only: the NS series switches make it possible to obtain circuits with the highest safety level PLe and SIL3, installing only one device on the protection.
• Large centering hole: the switch is equipped with a large hole for centering the actuator's pin. This solution makes it easier to align the actuator and the hole on the head of the switch during the assembly phase. Ideal for off-axis doors.
• Steerable and not detachable head and devices: the top module of the switch, which incorporates the release devices, and the lower module, which includes the connection outputs, are steerable and non detachable. The modules can be rotated in 90° steps, thus obtaining different combinations with the same item.
• Protection degree IP67 and IP69K.

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