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Encoder Products - Rx Txd Signal Repeater

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Encoder Products - Rx Txd Signal Repeater

Encoder Products - Rx Txd Signal Repeater

RX/TXD The 4-in-1 Signal Repeater

Generally, when you hook up your encoder, it's already configured to provide the correct digital outputs. Those outputs then feed directly to a counter, controller, or other device. However, in some applications the encoder signal needs optimization to reach the receiving device over long distances. You might also need to provide the encoder signal to more than one device. That's where Encoder’s RX/TX products come in.

The RX/TXD is an all-in-one device can modify, split, or repeat an encoder's signal -- and even test and verify that signal.


• Can be configured as a level changer, signal converter, line repeater, splitter, or tester.
• Splits one input signal into two or three outputs.
• Has LED indicators for encoder power and signal presence.
• Accommodates a variety of digital signal types (RS422, NPN, PNP, TTL, etc.) and voltages (5VDC or 5-24VDC) as both input and output options, allowing for use with all EPC encoders.
• Is compact and lightweight. The DIN Rail mountable PC/ABS housing makes for easy and versatile installation.
• Is easy to use. All connections can be made via easily accessible screw terminals to a detachable 17-pin connector.

When to use the RX/TXD:

Signal Converter

In many retrofit or upgrade projects, your encoders may need to interface with newer devices - and they may have mismatched input requirements. That's when the RX/TXD’s level changer/conditioner capability is ideal. For example, a 24VDC open collector output can be converted to a 5VDC RS422 compatible differential line-driver, an output type better suited for long cable runs or electrically noisy environments. It keeps your signal clean and consistent.

Signal Splitter

When a single encoder has to provide signals to multiple devices, the RX/TXD can split one signal into two or three identical outputs. Using the splitter capability can eliminate the need for multiple encoders, which gives you greater design flexibility.

Signal Repeater

When your encoder signal needs to transmit over long distances, the RX/TXD can be configured as a signal repeater. This not only eliminates the risk of voltage drop, it also ensures your signal integrity.

Encoder Tester/Verifier

When you're troubleshooting a closed-loop control system, you need to know if the encoder is functioning properly so you don't waste time looking at the wrong components. The RX/TXD does that for you; it has a series of LED lights on the front panel that tell you if the power is on, and if it is still receiving a signal.

The RX/TXD also accommodates voltages in a regulated range of 5-24VDC or fixed 5VDC as both input and output options, as well as a variety of digital signal types, including RS422, NPN, PNP, and TTL.