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Mobile 2D-code reader - Leuze Electronic

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Leuze Electronic - Mobile 2D-code reader

Mobile 2D-code reader by Leuze Electronic

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Large data volume in a small space
In addition to 2D-codes, all mobile code readers from Leuze electronic also read bar codes (1D-codes) and are therefore extremely flexible and versatile. Typical interfaces are RS232 or USB, and Bluetooth as the wireless interface.

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About Leuze Electronic

Leuze Electronic Distributor - New Jersey, New York, and Long Island

Leuze electronic "the sensor people" - for more than 40 years we are the specialists in sensors.
Leuze offers an extensive line of optical-electronic products including safety light curtains and grids, laser area scanners, a full line of sensor products, bar code readers for both standard and 2D applications, optical data transmission as well as innovative positioning systems using barcode or laser measurement technology. Leuze products are designed to be reliable, durable and user friendly.