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Cartesian XYZ gantry robots - Macron Dynamics

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Macron Dynamics - Cartesian XYZ gantry robots

Cartesian XYZ gantry robots by Macron Dynamics

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The STANDARD in Cartesian X/Y/Z gantry robots based on the MSA-14H heavy duty actuator platform
For programmable pick & place functionality and product mix flexibility the MGS-14S cannot be beat
Positional repeatability +/- .05 mm [.002 inches]
speeds up to 2M/sec.
The Macron Z axis belt driven actuator is robust and high speed yet forgiving
Z axis is available with the Macron CLAWSTM Arresting system a patent pending free fall protection device
Systems can be configured with MPG gearboxes or center drive gearboxes on special order
Compatible with MacFRAME structural components
Optional cable management solutions available

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