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Werma - Stocksaver

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Werma - Stocksaver

Werma - Stocksaver

WERMA StockSAVER: Third-generation kanban systems

StockSAVER represents the latest generation in Kanban systems for production logistics. Simple to retrofit to FIFO flow racks, StockSAVER solves many of the traditional Kanban problems, frees up space for more value adding activities and improves cash-flow. StockSAVER calls up material replenishment orders automatically, thus eliminating the margin for human error and making the need for line-side safety stocks redundant.

• No more fear-related stockpiling required
• No more safety stock required (with no danger of materials running out)
• Protection against running out of materials
• Improved cash flow
• Complete solution from a single source (hardware and software)
• No external project or consultancy costs, thanks to simple commissioning and use

Typical applications:

• Intelligent signal points determine the actual material stocks present in the rack
• Automatic stock replenishment requests
• Protection against defective equipment

Initial startup

The fully configured kits for your storage bays are delivered ready for immediate installation:

• Equip storage bays with sensors
• Connect SensorBOX and SmartBOX
• Connect the transceiver with the computer
• Install and set up the software


• Intelligent signal points in the FIFO rack ensure complete transparency
• More space for value-adding processes
• The reduction in stock improves your cash flow
• Low stock levels are possible even with a diverse range of items