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Siemens Product Delivery Release

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Siemens Product Delivery Release

Siemens Product Delivery Release

Siemens Product Delivery Release - SIRIUS 3RW5 Soft Starter

Industrial Controls Product Announcement

The 3RW52’s are now “Released for Sale”. The 3RW5 family of soft starters extends our product range with market leading technology-features for practically every user application. The existing 3RW30 and 3RW40 soft starter family will remain for sale, giving us one of the broadest packages available on the market! The 3RW5 family is a game changer allowing us to broaden our market leadership in mo-tor control applications.

Top benefits of the 3RW52 soft starter:

  • Compact size – Less than 8” deep up to 400HP, easy to fit into MCCs, shallow cabinets and retrofits.

  • Flexible HMI choices – Install the high feature, standard, or omit the display based on the application requirements.

  • Five available communication protocols: PB, PN, MB-TCP, EIP (future), MB-RTU (future)

  • Three phases controlled for application flexibility

  • Wide range of control voltages: 24 V AC/DC and 110 - 250 V AC

  • Selectable analog or themistor input for optimal protection of motor and load