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Nanotec - New Powerful Drive Solutions For Small Spaces

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Nanotec - New Powerful Drive Solutions For Small Spaces

Nanotec - New Powerful Drive Solutions For Small Spaces

New linear actuators:
The linear actuators from Nanotec are available in five sizes, from NEMA 8 to NEMA 23, and in three configurations: captive, non-captive and external linear. New additions are the LA28 and LA42 series in size NEMA 11, respectively NEMA 17.

The integrated threaded bushing has a long service life thanks to improved materials, and connecting the motor is made easy with the integrated connector. The new series are available with both trapezoidal lead screws and ACME threads.

The stepper motor-based linear actuators are particularly suitable for applications where linear positioning is required in small spaces. The different screw pitches provide high forces of up to 370 N and fast positioning. When used in combination with an encoder and Nanotec's closed-loop controllers, the position as well as the thrust can be monitored and controlled.

Small stepper motor with high power:
With the SC2818, Nanotec's range of products now includes a NEMA 11 stepper motor with a torque of up to 0.22 Nm. This means that, compared to the ST2818, the SC2818 has more than 30% more torque with the same size. The step angle of the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor is 1.8°.

Like the other SC series motors from Nanotec, the SC2818 has an integrated connector, thus making it easy to adapt cables for customized applications. A connection cable is included in the scope of delivery.

The SC2818 motors are available in three lengths, each with one or two shafts.

BLDC motor in four lengths:
The DB80 from Nanotec offers an extremely reliable solution for applications that require high efficiency, combined with our GPLEP90 gearbox it's perfect for wheel drives in AGV & autonomous vehicles. The 8-pole brushless DC motor with a flange size of 80 x 80 mm has a rated speed of 3000 rpm at 48 V DC.

Four different lengths cover a power range from 280 to 940 W. Combined with our N5 controller we can deliver a complete servo system with 706 W and 2.25 Nm for under $700. Perfect for robotic applications!