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4 Simple Steps For Barcode Scanner Transition

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4 Simple Steps For Barcode Scanner Transition

4 Simple Steps For Barcode Scanner Transition

Migrating from SICK's CLV400 barcode scanners to one of the CLV600 barcode scanners can be done in 4 simple steps. All conversions are completed free of charge!

Save the .scl configuration file using the CLV setup software, then e-mail your .sci file to an AXIS engineer to be converted to new format.

Replace both the cloning module and your current CLV400 barcode scanner.

STEP 3: Import the new configuration files using SICK's SOPAS configuration software.

STEP 4: Test the scanner to ensure everthing has been installed correctly.

All conversions are completed within 48 hours of receiving the .sci file. If your application has changed or an upgrade to your system and/or scanner is required, contact Axis application support at 908-429-0090

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