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Nanotec Distributor

New Jersey, New York, and Long Island

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Nanotec Distributor - New Jersey, New York, and Long Island


20 years of experience in the development of innovative products are reflected in high performance, energy-saving solutions such as the Plug & Drive motors. Nanotec was quick to recognize the development towards integrated motors, and it was one of the first manufacturers to market an integrated stepper motor with the Plug & Drive product line.

Through their integrated, powerful motor controller plus encoder, the Plug & Drive motors deliver a performance in closed loop mode far beyond that of the classic stepper motors. Our Plug & Drive motors are highly energy-efficient, compact drives with precise and exact positioning. Advanced software technologies lead to platform independence and enable simple integration of our motors and motor controller systems. A strong focus on research & development guarantees products that will also meet our customers' needs in the future.

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