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Beverly Hills, CA

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Axis Inc.

210 Meister Avenue

Somerville, NJ 08876

(908) 429-0090

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Axis NJ LLC Distributor

New Jersey, New York, and Long Island


Axis NJ LLC Products

Axis NJ LLC does not have any products featured at this time.

Sample Axis NJ LLC Part Numbers:





 UR10 Pedestal,







 Custom EOAT,



 Vacuum Generator,

 UR10 Pedistal,



 Labor OT,

 Labor SSH,

 Travel Time,

 Travel Expense,

 Travel Car,

 Onsite Minimum,

 UR5 Pedestal,

 Minimum Charge,

 Custom End Effector,


 UR10 Mounting Plate,


 Daily rate,





 Custom Pedistal,

 UR5 Pedistal,






 00J1644004 - Repair,